Perfect Your Stance to Perfect Your Putting

Making improvements on your posture is one of the surest ways of improving your putting game. For instance, Jack Nicklaus developed the effective putting technic of having the eyes directly over the ball. It is a technic that few golfers have mastered. A useful alternative to help you learn it is to have a mirror placed on the green with the golf ball put on top of it when putting.

  • Eyes Over The Ball

Stand in a position that allows you to see your eyes in the mirror, and this will help you know if you have the eyes directly over the ball. Adjust your posture accordingly if you cannot see your eyes. Try having your putter hang between the eyes as you hold it with the club extending down over the golf ball. Once you have mastered this, remove the mirror and try to stand in the same posture when on the green. It is a useful method that ensures you have the correct stance and are in alignment with the hole.

  • Placement Of Your Feet

How your place your feet directly impacts your posture. Your stance also defines how you will hold your body for the swing. If you often have your putts going to the right, are might be too close to your golf ball and need to move back a bit. If your putts tend to head left, you most likely should move a bit closer to the ball. So keep this simple rules in mind as you adjust yourself to find the ideal putting posture.

  • Shoulders Over Hands

The position of your feet influences how your hands hang down from the shoulders. The ideal position is to have them hanging directly under your shoulders. It helps in achieving a smoother stroke give the ball a better direction. However, it is necessary to have your head and the body very still as you take your swing. All that should move are your arms and hands.

  • Relax And Enjoy

Lastly, remember to enjoy the game, to enjoy yourself instead of getting lost in the technicalities of your putt. Some golfers will give prominence to certain grips that they believe to be better than most. Ideally, you should strive to work with a grip that you find comfortable even as you experiment with different postures to determine the best posture that suits you. Relax as you watch your foot position, how your hands are hanging, and you are soon bound to perfect your stance and enjoy the game.

  • Remember To Stick With What Works For You

Once you have found your ideal posture to use when putting, stick with it even during your bad days. Keep practising until you perfect it instead of becoming overly concerned with the mechanics of your stance. If not, then you will be changing your posture every other week and never relax into a posture that suits you. If you are relaxed when playing, then you are bound to enjoy every moment of the game.