Best Golf Putter Reviews

What if you could find a way to improve your game on the golf course? Selecting the right putter is key to accomplishing this. Finding the right putter doesn’t have to be difficult. However, there a few things you should know first.

It’s all in your stroke. Another key component is confidence. You can find a stylish putter that will increase your confidence on the green. Below is more information on how to find the right one for you even if you are just shopping around for the best putter for beginners.

Introduction to Golf Putters

A serious golfer cares what type of putter they use; it is a very personal thing. In order to find the perfect putter that best fits your preference and needs you should know a little about them and how they are constructed. In your research you will find many different kinds giving you several options.

Golf putters are important to a golfer’s game. It plays a key role in how well they will play. It is crucial to find the right putter that matches well with your form and swing.

Golf putters have the most variety than any other club in your bag. That’s why it can sometimes be difficult in choosing the right one. Remember, with so many golf putter companies the choice depends on weight placement, club head shape, length and more.

Below are the top three golf putters to help make your choice a little easier. Even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about golf putters, the selections below will help you to start off with a good one that’s right for you.

Top Three Golf Putters for 2019

Best Overall Golf Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Mens PGX Putter
The Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter is an excellent choice. It measures 34 inches and weighs approximately 40 grams.

This one will stand out on the green with its white finish.

It helps golfers focus as it has a large club head that features alignment lines. It is a great putter for the now more commonplace faster greens.

When not in use it comes with a PGX head cover for protection.

A smooth moving forward spin on the ball takes place when the club head impacts the putter. Your putting game is stabilized as there is a lot less skid.

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX is a great option for any skill level golfer. The more experienced golfers have expressed some disappointment in that the white of the putter can get stained by the green. However, this easily rectified by cleaning after use.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter is the best putter under $100.


Best Golf Putter for Average Golfer

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel Toe Golf Putter
The brand name Wilson is not unfamiliar name to the golf industry.

This putter is a square heel and toe club that could be a perfect option. The vertical seam grip is designed to be slightly larger in diameter which provides a better feel for the golfer.

The 3 piece paddle grip is all weather and provides the golfer with a superior responsive club accurate both on and off the green.

Any skill level golfer will appreciate the micro injections for accuracy on the face of the club. Also, the grip is comfortable and soft so it feels good in the hand.

You will discover that this putter provides the best feel and performance that you can get from any golf putter.

We recommend Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Putter as one of the best putter for average golfer.


Best Budget Golf Putter

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Golf Putter

Odyssey Hot Pro 2 Golf Putter
Another good choice for all level golfers is the high quality putter, Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0.

This putter has been proven by the Leader Board to be a superior club to golf with.

It is highly engineered and designed to have more performance, sound and consistent feel that envelops the complete striking surface of the club head.

The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0’s construction uses laser milling processing providing tight tolerances in both performance and consistency.

It is an elite level putter and is available for both right and left hand golfers.

Also, it comes in various lengths so golfers can choose from 33”, 34” or 35”. Featuring a golf pride grip and comes with an Odyssey golf head cover for protection when not being used.

Golf Putters Summary

Regardless of your skill level, choosing the right golf putter is a vital part of your game. Besides the personal preferences, there are many important things to take a look at and take into consideration in regards to how you play that determine what is the best golf putter for you.

There are many reasons we have listed the top three golf putters as our choices. Performances, options, value for the money, how they feel in your hands and construction are all factors we took into consideration that pushed them into the top three. The top three putters are good for beginners, intermediate and more experienced golfers.

Take a look at the buyers guide below to better understand how to choose the right golf putter for your skill level, your style of playing and your size. We hope this will take the guesswork out of your research of all the putters available on the market even if you are looking for the best putter for bad putters. The information below will help sort out all the choices and find the perfect golf putter to improve your game.

Golf Putters Comparison Chart

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Golf Putter Buying Guide

How to Buy the 2019 Best Golf Putter

Contrary to believe, an old putter isn’t the best option. If you want to lower your score on the green, then you need to have the right putter. First thing you need to know is what type of stroke you have, as each putter is weighted for a different type of stroke.

Types of Strokes

  • Opened squared closed stroke. The best putter for this stroke is a toe weighted one.
  • Straight back and straight through stroke. For this stroke the best putter is a face balance one.

Based on the information of the different types of stokes, more detail about them is needed to find the putter that works best for you, even if you are a bad putter.

What kind of stroke do you have? Do you have a pendulum stroke, staying pretty much square to the target? Or perhaps your stroke has a slight arc to it? Figuring this out will make your putter selection much easier.

A pendulum stroke which is straight back and straight through would require a putter that has more face balance. You can test this by balancing the putter on your hand. If the face points up then you have a putter that is face balanced.

If your stroke is more opened squared closed known as an arcing stroke then your putter would want a toe weighted putter. Test this putter by balancing the putter on your hand; if it faces down, you have a toe weighted putter.

Once you find out what your style of putting stoke is, then you need to determine the right length of the putter. There are four various lengths of putters. They are chest, standard, broomstick and belly. So how do you determine the length that best fits you? First take your step up position before trying the various lengths of the putters.

The perfect length will ensure that you are relaxed and do not have to change your wrist angle while at the same time making sure your putter stays flat to the ground which is something that seasons pros get with the use of custom made putters.

Top Golf Putters Features

Before your final decision is made, you need to take a few things into consideration. Below are some rules and guidelines to consider making a more informed final decision.

As mentioned above, the length of the putter is very important. After finding the best looking putter, get into your setup position to determine the correct length. Stretch and relax your arms while bending at the waist grabbing the putter’s shaft.

Once completed, straighten back up slowly into your setup position. When your back in position, wherever your hands rest would be the correct length of the putter you need.

The next important thing is the weight of the putter. The standard lighter weight putter is the best option. The standard putter is about 530 grams. The lighter weight putters provides better control over distance.

Finding a putter that not only fits your style and length is important, but one that looks good is important as well. You will have more confidence and be much more comfortable on the green.

After looking at the most popular putters available on the market for weight placement, length options, club head shape, style and more, we came up with three choices featured below. These seem to be the customer’s favorites for a reason. They are all well made putters and anyone of them could be an option for you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Putter

There are so many different things to consider when choosing a golf putter. It can become overwhelming, especially for a beginner. The guide below was created to help you with the process, explain the basics, so you better understand what to look for.

Read through the information and understand it before you purchase a golf putter. You don’t want to waste your money on one you don’t like. When researching golf putters, there are many points to take into consideration. Below are five points of interest to consider.

Putter alignment – The proper alignment is very important to a good putting game. Because of that it is important to choose a putter that is comfortable for you in order to line up the club and ball to the target. Without proper alignment, it can cause the ball to miss the hole on the right or left, adding strokes to the score; serious golfers would never want that to happen. Some manufacturers focus more on the alignment of their putters than other do, so if this is something you are focused on, select a putter you feel confident with when ready to address and swing. Less experience golfers can take advantage of the lines and/or shapes and markings that are on the putters to help with alignment.

Head Shape – mallet or blade – The two different golf putter heads are blade and mallet. The blade head is the more common of the two with a long, narrow and light in weight putter. These are best suited for faster putting greens. As wide as it is long, much larger Mallet comes in a variety of designs. The mallet shape adds weight to the putter which is a plus for some golfers. The extra weight reduces some wrist action which some golfers prefer. They are designed perfectly for slower greens and the design and weight of it means not having to hit the ball so hard. The golfers precision and control are greatly improved.

Length of Putter – There are not a lot of differences to the lengths of putters as there once was. The anchoring ban was put into place in January of 2016 making belly and long putters no longer acceptable. The ban has created a lot of counterbalance putters. The heavier head along with the added weight promotes full arm motion as opposed to breaking at the wrist. Golfers can have the ability to adjust the weight in the grips with some putters, customizing their putters even more. Typically, you can choose from 32” to 36” trying several different lengths to find the best fit.

Putter Face – Golfers have two choices regarding the putter face:

  1. Metal – Depending upon your personal preference, it can be a drawback or a benefit to the metal face is the sound the golfer gets when the putter connects with the ball. An experienced golfer will benefit as they will feel and hear the center of the putter.
  2. Inserts – If you prefer softer greens than a putter with inserts made with composites would be a good choice. Putters that have inserts will redistribute the weight to the heel or toes of the club. However, you will have to pay closer attention to the feel and sound of the putter as it will not have the sound verification.

Shaft and Hosels – Your putter stroke is important to know when selecting your putting shaft. Golfers have three different types of shafts to choose from:

  • Heel shafted – Heel shafted allows the face of the putter to open and close fully when the stroke is in progress.
  • Center shafted – The center shafted face is balanced and provides a square to square path or what is more commonly known as the pendulum swing.
  • Offset putter – This type allows the golfer to be more consistent in the setup and also allows them to position their eye directly over the ball.

Determining the Right Length

Your stroke is affected by the length, so it is important choose accordingly. Having the incorrect length can make you off at the putting line. Putters lengths have a range from 32” to 52”. Commonly, golfers choose the wrong length, usually too long for their needs. To choose the right length follow the steps below:

  1. Take your typical stance when putting
  2. Hang your arms naturally by your sides
  3. Have someone measure from the ground to just above the top of your hands. That measurement will determine the correct length for your putter.


Golfers take their equipment and game very seriously, especially when it comes to their putter. Each and every club in their bag is personal and important. All the information in this article helps you better understand all the elements involved when looking for the correct putter.

Our top three putter choices all provide the golfer choices in left or right handed putting and length and can also be customized even more regarding grip, weights and more. All of them are definitely worth taking into consideration when choosing a golf putter.

If you feel you still want to research more golf putters, then take the information provided to help make an informed decision on putters that best fit your needs.

Starting your research with the right information will save you time and money. That is the purpose